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Changing Horses
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One Woman's Journey Through

Horse Racing, Horse Rescue, and Horse Reflection

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Chrissy Vouniozos

Marketing and Publicity Director

Changing Horses, takes you through my personal stories and lifetime experiences with horses, but it also serves as a general informational guide about the souls of horses, spiritual awareness, transformation, and what I have found on my journeys when visiting the other side of the veil. It explores the body, mind, and soul of the horse in ways that may enable you to apply their principles to your own life, help your own horses, and heal your deepest wounds. This book brings us into the depths of the universe as explained and defined by the horses, as they write these words through me. My hope is that this book will lead us to the answers, peace, and solace we have been seeking. Namaste! 

What People are Saying about Changing Horses

"The scope and depth of Changing Horses is incomparable. I have never read anything like this before and I was completely riveted to the emotional journey and transcendence you experienced within the world of horses. I completely understand not only the complexity of your message but also the weight it carries. However you want to look at it, we are in a particular time and space in our history where people are being forced to look inward, to try and understand the inexplicable, and to open their minds to a larger purpose. I think your message is more important now than ever." ~ Reviewer

"Changing Horses takes us on a remarkable journey through dramatic sorrows of life and passionate resolutions that lead to moments of acceptance of soul paths and contracts. Within usual social construct of schooling in a Connecticut family, Bernstein, learns she must be with horses, come what may. What ensues is a life of pain, injuries, lack of acceptance, only to realize that she must, as must we all, “overcome the fears and phobias that our society has taught us regarding these misunderstood creatures" (27). Not always easy reading, as she accepts her inner grace and discovers the power of listening to her voice. Changing Horses is a self-help book and more than that. It is a call that we must not delay, learning what horses teach us, to live that each of us is “completely connected to everything else in the universe…” (142). Surely, this is a fit message for all our times that we accept ourselves fully and change our ways if we are to have peace in our lands." ~ Prof. Ambika Talwar

Poet, Author, Artist, Educator

Los Angeles, CA and New Delhi, India

"Changing Horses is a fantastic read, and I really admire how much the author cares about horses and the other animals mentioned in the book. I wish a lot more people had the same values or at least spent a few minutes looking at the world through the animal’s eyes for once, and not just for horses. This book hooked me really quickly because of her viewpoints, and it didn’t disappoint.

I recommend Changing Horses to anyone who wants to read a fantastic story about how animals can change your life and make you a better person by an author who really gets it."

Ed Malaker