Equalia Actualization

Equalia Actualization is the unique program created by Esta Bernstein, founder of Saffyre Sanctuary Inc.  She saw a need to bring rescued horses and people together, so that we as a species could see the true value of horses, and ourselves.  A rescued horse knows first hand what mental, emotional, and physical trauma is, and when allowed to communicate one-on-one with people of all ages, they enlighten the way to the kingdom inside all of us. 

What Is Equalia Actualization? – A unique experience combining all the elements of equine communication, natural horsemanship, and spirituality that bring you to a new level of awareness.  And through equine awareness, you can discover how to become a self-actualized, enlightened being.

How This Program Can Help You – By learning how to listen and applying what you hear, you will become effective at communicating with compassion, hearing what is actually being said, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses.  No matter what profession you are in, viewing life from the horse’s perspective will bring clarity to your most challenging internal and external situations.

How This Helps Horses – By bridging the gap between what we want and what they need, they become willing, bio-feedback participants, actively engaging in the healing and learning process of human development.  If a horse knows that they can be heard, and if we can respect what they say, they will teach us more than we could ever imagine.  This knowledge will forever change how we view and treat them.

Goal of the Program - To discover WHAT you are!  A self-actualizer is a person who is living creatively and fully using his or her positive abilities.  It refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, namely, the tendency to become actualized in what you are potentially.  While Abraham Maslow's theory is generally portrayed as a fairly rigid hierarchy, Maslow noted that the order in which these needs are fulfilled does not always follow a standard progression.  Through Equalia Actualization, you can heal your deepest wounds and help you reach your highest potential.



CORPORATE RETREATS – $1500.00/person per day (3 day minimum) for small to moderate groups - 

This relaxing, spiritually energizing space, will leave you with a whole new perspective of the world we share with every living thing.  This is not your typical group environment; rather it is a sacred balanced setting, where every individual within the group will come away with a very personal experience.  All meals and refreshments are provided, however at this time lodging is not included.


INDIVIDUAL WEEKLY HAVEN – $1500.00/week For individuals who want the benefit of a corporate retreat with a little more flexibility.  This discounted rate allows you to participate up to five consecutive days learning at your own pace, while having the convenience of accommodating your schedule.  Spend a few hours or stay the whole day!

EQUALIA NUTRITION CLINICS – $150.00/horse (10 horse minimum) plus travel expenses  For 2 days, Esta conducts these special clinics at your facility, giving you the proper guidelines for feeding your equine friends, including personal consultations with you and your horse to evaluate their needs, and intuitive healing sessions for those who would like to know what their horse is feeling, and how your energy affects your horse.

EQUALIA ONE ON ONE – $125.00/hour (2 hour minimum) – We will help you choose what segment is appropriate for your personal development.  Rates include up to 2 hours of private coaching and access to all of the beautiful amenities.


EQUALIA OFF SITE – $750.00 plus travel expenses Private coaching at your location for counselors, instructors, or other professional equine/therapeutic organizations.  For 2 days, you will receive a personal 2 hour session each day working with your own horses, giving you the foundation of our expertise into your own program.


EQUALIA ACTUALIZATION CERTIFICATION – $5,000.00 Become an EA certified instructor and incorporate a new level of awareness into your existing therapeutic program or rescue organization.  This private 10 day intensive course, focuses on everything from the horse’s perspective, and will give you the confidence to welcome challenging horses into your curriculum.

All forms of payment are accepted.  Rates are subject to change without notice.

On-Site Prices include personal one-on-one instruction and vegan refreshments!