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Changing Horses - The Facilitators

Below are the incredibly talented facilitators that are a part of Changing Horses!  Each of them, a leader in their chosen field, experienced the soul of the horses throughout their path.  The workshop structure flows with the same questions that they were asked in the film, and each of them chose which part of their story they wanted to share.  It was not by accident that none of the facilitators chose to answer the same question in their presentation, rather it became beautifully cohesive and divinely guided that they were called to present in the order that the horses have directed them.

Esta Bernstein

Esta Bernstein

Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson

Kate Neligan

Kate Neligan

Sandra Harrick

Sandra Harrick

Liz Phillipson

Liz Phillipson

Katelyn Kent

Katelyn Kent

Melisa Pearce

Melisa Pearce

Cynthia Royal

Cynthia Royal

Esta Bernstein: Documentary Introduction / Horse Body, Mind & Soul

Esta Bernstein is the director/producer of the documentary "Changing Horses".  During the event she will introduce the documentary and tell her story abut how horses have changed her life and inspired her to make this film.  She will conduct the opening ceremony, tell the stories of how each of the facilitators came into her life, and reveal her 25 year journey of how she learned to heal horses from the inside out.  Most importantly she will be filming during the entire workshop and interviewing participants and coaches about their experiences with the horses during this event.

In the documentary Esta Bernstein is uncovering the depths of the horse/human dynamic from people all over the globe.  She warmly invites each of you participating in this workshop, to become part of the horse's evolution, and with your permission, allow her to interview you through your experiences and participate in the making of this film.  "Changing Horses" explores the personal stories of how horses change people, so people can change the world.

Read more about Esta



Lisa Larson: Animal Communication / The Lava Lady Connection


Lisa Larson is an animal communicator/animal medium, shaman, and reiki master.  She works full-time in this capacity & is known for her compassion, honesty, integrity & ethics. 


Additionally, Lisa is an evidential medium, personally certified by internationally known psychic/medium, Lisa Williams.  Lisa Larson works worldwide, via phone and webcam, in these and many related capacities such as tarot intuitive coach, Huna Alaka’i, teacher, and mentor.


With a lifetime of study and experience in the metaphysical sciences, she can connect with animals and human loved ones in the afterlife to deliver messages of hope and comfort, as well as connecting with animals in body, to correct behavioral problems, and help them understand current life situations.


While Lisa’s most common clientele are cats, dogs, and horses, she has spoken with many species, including monkeys, squirrels, birds, rabbits, and koi.  She speaks with animals in spirit, and in body, about behavioral problems, their wants, and their needs, she has helped them transition into spirit, and has spoken to them about their past lives, and the soul contracts they have with their 'people'.


Lisa has a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and lives in Carlsbad with her husband, Michael and their feline fur-child, Makana.

Read more about Lisa HERE



Kate Neligan: Goal-Setting with Horses 


How can partnering with horses change your life and give you the success strategies you need to accomplish your biggest goals?  Learn how Kate's early difficulties working with horses in a goal-setting exercise led her to have a breakdown to breakthrough.  Her transformation allowed her to follow her heart and become an equine-assisted life and career coach.  Hear Kate's story of how horses fundamentally changed her energy, approach to goals, and shifted her from fear to love.  Kate will demonstrate the spiritual powers of the horse in a unique process that illuminates self-discovery and the theory that “how we do one thing is how we do everything.”


Then experience your own deep shift as participants are chosen to work with their own goals and the intuitive, alchemist horse.


Kate is an Equine-Assisted Life & Career Coach who offers spiritual psychology and empowerment tools to individuals and corporate groups by pairing them with the intuitive healing powers of horses.  Kate left her VP position at a movie studio to pursue her passion and dream for creating more "Conscious Rockstars” in the world.  She is also a published author and TEDx speaker. 

Read more about Kate HERE



Sandra Harrick: Discover the Silver Linings of Your Soul


Sandra Harrick's workshop will explore what doubts and fears you have, that brings the needed gentle work for self discovering who you are.  It is about truth and the ability to be real at any moment within your relationship with your horse.  When we desire to understand these feelings we develop an emotional and physical relationship with horses that also becomes real.  There are many factors that influence a sense of safety, self esteem and courage for both people and horses when doubts or fear are ignored.  They effect confidence and our hearts keeping us from experiencing a positive, connected relationship that grows into a bonded partnership.


Feelings are important and they deserve respect, for they express information that says pause, feel me, please, understand me.  Feelings can be tracked as we explore our cellular emotional history that started creating issues in need of attention and clarity.  It is the same for our horses.    


Sandra Harrick will show you how to discover your inner wisdom that is filled with real energy and the amazing power of alchemy for transformation into who you are and who your horse is, allowing healing information for recovering needed balance to return and feel real within the bodies, minds, souls and spirits of people and their horses.  When working with Sandra, it truly is about respect, love and being real.

Read more about Sandra HERE



Liz Phillipson: Equine Enrichment


Liz Phillipson's workshop will help you relate to your horse in ways that are meaningful to him, therefore greatly enhancing your relationship with him and YOUR SELF – a gateway to growth!


As horses step forward into greater partnership with humans, let’s do our part to step toward their wisdom and meet them in that sacred place all beings share.  As we come to find the place within ourselves that allows us to connect with these incredible beings we can not help but grow and connect even deeper with our own beingness.


During our time together at the workshop we will practice exercises that will guide you to that beautiful place of oneness.  You will be able to experience connecting in this way with a horse during the workshop so that you can take this experience home with you and use it to connect on a deeper level with your horse.  As you continue to practice this level of connection and communication with horses your life will change deeply and profoundly.  Soul truths will be revealed to you and old limiting beliefs will fall away.


Horses have many phenomenal gifts to share with us, we need only be open and receptive.  Join us to begin or deepen your journey, and honor the magnificent beings we know as HORSE.

Read more about Liz HERE



Katelyn Kent:


Katelyn uses her gifts and partners with horses as a healer, coach, trainer, speaker, author and visionary living in Denver, Colorado.  Her mission is to help awaken people to who they really are as humans, to find their true life's purpose and to unlock total abundance from within.


Read more about Katelyn HERE



Melisa Pearce: Understanding the Clairesentience of Horses


Melisa is a lifelong horsewoman and entrepreneur.  She was chosen one of the Top 50 Most Influential Horsewomen by Horse South Magazine in 2008 and she has won two World Championship American Paint Horse Association awards.  She has managed multiple ranches all while developing her expertise as a trained psychotherapist.  Through her therapy work with clients at her ranches, Melisa discovered her clients became more grounded and secure when working with horses.  This inspired her to expose a wide range of people to the beauty and wonder of horses through experiential workshops and retreats that integrate horse interaction with positive guidance.  The horses help people examine how they have chosen to create their past and how to create a better future.


Her success in translating human behavior through observation and interaction with horses has made her a highly effective motivational speaker.  Melisa is able to tailor her comments to her audience whether it is in an arena, auditorium, personal retreat setting, business or sales team meeting.  Melisa shares her expert knowledge of equine supported coaching and the power of emotional healing by partnering with horses through her Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®.  She demonstrates this with large or small audiences through crowd pleasing live horse/human demonstrations, seminars and keynote presentations which she has delivered across the country.  She has been a clinician at the Equine Affaire in Ohio and California; the Equine Extravaganza in Virginia and North Carolina; as well as many other venues.  Her work has been featured in American Cowboy Magazine, American Paint Horse Journal, Horse Connection Magazine, The Denver Business Journal, Colorado Lifestyles Magazine, 5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine, and others. 


Read more about Melisa HERE



Cynthia Royal: Go Beyond Horsemanship


Cynthia Royal soulmate partner of the equine star "Shadowfax", aka Blanco from Lord of the Rings, is not only a dear friend and main collaborator in this project, but is bringing her extraordinary knowledge and making a rare public appearance with her own horses at this event!  


Since early childhood, finding a way to connect with horses in a pure and authentic, mutually enjoyable way has been California native Cynthia Royal’s vision and passion.  But it wasn’t until a lifetime of experience studying and working with countless horses that she found the answer she'd been looking for  – that horses will only offer their full trust, enthusiasm and cooperation in the absence of fear, pain, pressure and other stress.  And so, her focus on pleasure-based positive training was born.


“Creating the relationship we dream of with a horse is not so different from starting one with a person you'd like to eventually be your Best Forever Friend”, says Cynthia, who's numerous animal friends are living proof she’s found the magic formula.  “It can’t be demanded or forced through control or threats, punishment or penalty", she ads, evidenced by the fact that almost everyone still has problems with their horse, despite the many, readily available clinics, books and video training programs available around the world.  The reality is, control, domination and punishment-based programs - hallmarked by the use of escalating psychological and/or physical pressure to move, chase and/or drive the horse - actually prevent the trusting, willing relationship we so seek.  This is because these techniques work by causing the horse to have unpleasant emotions, causing him or her concern, if not outright fear, that the threat of correction or punishment is around every corner - something you wouldn't want your BFF to feel. 


Instead, Cynthia stresses, "the magical relationship everyone seeks with their horse can only be built on sharing mutually enjoyable experiences together that motivate the horse through pleasure rather than pain or fear.  The result is an organically achieved trust, a desire by the horse to be with you and an unleashing of the horse’s intelligence and curiosity - all through the absence of doubt, pain or fear.


Read more about Cynthia HERE


EXCLUSIVE! All facilitators will be available for additional private sessions in person at

Saffyre Sanctuary or via phone!

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