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Saffyre Sanctuary - Our Story

Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc. was incorporated in June 2009 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation,

TIN #27-0333811, and has been certified by the IRS as a tax-exempt charity. 

All donations made to Saffyre Sanctuary are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.


​Saffyre Sanctuary, located in Los Angeles, California, is a horse rescue and rehabilitation program that cares for horses that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.  By allowing them to rediscover their true nature, we provide every opportunity for them to experience the possibility of enjoying a second career, or offer them a well deserved retirement due to soundness issues, age, or owner hardships.


Esta Bernstein, Founder of Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc. always knew that the horses were "calling" her to write a book and produce a film.  But it was not until a series of events that the actual subject matter of these works would reveal itself in the most magical way.  During her journey of the horse consciousness, and the unfolding of the horse's message, people on the same path started to come into the world of Saffyre Sanctuary.  Breathing new life into not only what Saffyre Sanctuary does and our understanding of why horses are here, the teachings of the horses solidified their foundation in everything we do and wish to accomplish.

Esta is also an equine intuitive counselor and nutritional consultant who is available for private counseling sessions and healing consultations.  She grew up in the racing industry and has over 45 years of equine experience.  She learned how to rehabilitate horses when she acquired her own horse, Caleyndar, who had severe ringbone back in 1992.  After many years of researching traditional methods to heal him, destiny brought her to racehorse nutritionist, Frank Lampley, whom she studied with for over 20 years.  During that time, and even after the death of Frank, his supplement company still refers their clients to Esta for consultations in their most extreme and complex rehabilitation cases.  


As the author of Changing Horses the book, and producer of Changing Horses the film, Esta embodies the knowledge of why horses are here, and embraces the teachings of horses which solidifies the foundation of everything she does and wishes to accomplish.  Esta is continuously researching and modifying her equine work as needed.  She has learned how to heal horses from the inside out, body, mind, and soul.  Knowing that they are here as our partners, Esta uses her intuition and guidance from the horses to give them what they actually need, not what we as humans think they need.


We welcome you in joining hands and hoofs in the circle of the horse collective!

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Saffyre Sanctuary - Facilities

The ultimate goal for our rescue is the creation of an entirely "green" dream facility.  While we have yet to decide on a permanent location, Blackburn Architects has generously donated the plans for our barn. Our vision includes a thirty stall barn on a minimum of ten acres, which is run entirely on solar and wind power.  Water purification, reclamation, and composting systems will also be implemented.  We hope to be a model for other facilities that are concerned about their impact on the environment.


Until our dream becomes reality, we are temporarily located in Canyon Country, California, at a place that has permitted us to use a portion of their facility to help our horses.  This alliance allows us to carry out our mission and ensures that our horses, volunteers, and customers enjoy a peaceful, loving environment.

"Saffyre Sanctuary has worked non-stop to save, rehabilitate, and re-home Arabian horses in California, and in the surrounding southwest states.  Integrated care in feeding, veterinary and medical treatment, emotional cognitive interventions, and therapeutic plans for rebuilding the horse's body and soul, are a few key ways Saffyre Sanctuary functions as a go-to resource..."



"I volunteered at Saffyre Sanctuary and was very impressed by the love and the dedication these woman, men and children volunteers put towards these amazing horses.  You feel the love and respect for the horses while you are there.  They have high standards for the living conditions of the horses.  Keep up the good work!"




"Saffyre Sanctuary is truly a sanctuary for the equine and human soul.  Esta is truly an angel amidst us.  She is empathetic, authentic and truly open hearted.  She connects with these horses and wants to heal their body and heart and place them in a connected, correct situation.  I am honored to help her and humbly call her my friend."




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