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These incredible facilitators helped launch the first Changing Horses Workshop!  The facilitators of this inaugural event held in the Netherlands, was paramount in bringing the Changing Horses experience to you, not only in the United States, but all over the world!  If any of you are seeking the services of these extremely talented horse coaches, please click on their links for more information.  Thank you!

Julie Jacobs


Julie Jacobs is an international best-selling author and former host of “Heart to Heart” on Believe in the Moment radio. She is a sought after speaker and program developer best known for the creation of projects that move straight to the heart of the human experience. Julie’s focused passion on transformational storytelling and equine-guided learning has led her on the journey to discover her own authentic self through the eyes and wisdom of the horse.  She is currently writing her third novel, ‘Fierce Butterfly’.



Sandra Wallin, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A., R.C.C.

Sandra Wallin has been learning from horses her entire life, but it wasn’t until her horses Grace and Chiron arrived that her apprenticeship truly began.  Sandra claims Grace has taught her to be a better person and Chiron is teaching her to be a better horse, and as she learns, so she teaches, in her Equine Guided Development programs at Chiron’s Way.

Chiron’s Way is located on a little piece of heaven some 40 minutes east of Vancouver, Canada.  Here you’ll find transformational programs that open hearts, empower perspectives and accelerate personal and team growth.

As a lifelong learner, Sandra has had the privilege of studying with many leaders in the field of Equine Guided Development.  She is a Horse Conscious teacher, an Eponaquest Instructor, a psychotherapist, educator and sought after presenter who divides her professional time between a private practice and teaching Equine Guided Development and PSYCH-K®, locally and internationally.  Her clients range from middle school students to corporate executives and she currently sits on two national committees helping to develop guidelines for the ethical practice of Equine Facilitated Wellness in Canada.

Sandra is a certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, one of forty worldwide.  She became passionate about PSYCH-K® after a riding accident in May of 2008 left her unconscious and broken.  Unable to get out to her horses, she began to use with herself, the processes she had been sharing with her clients.  Her healing progressed exponentially.  As a result, Sandra now integrates PSYCH-K® with her equine practice in what she calls EABC (Equine Assisted Belief Change) sessions, teaching students how to use their subconscious to become more horse conscious, and in turn, create and live the lives they’ve imagined, with their horses and beyond.

Sandra is a contributing author in Horse As Teacher: The Path to Relationship.  She loved the writing process so much that she has begun working on a new book, under Grace’s kind tutelage.  She is also a feature writer in the Horses in Art magazine where her focus is The Art in Horses: How Horses Help Humans Become Their Own Masterpiece.

Her latest offering to the equine community is Conscious Horsemanship which she recently taught in Australia.


Read more about Sandra HERE 



Jubine Nijmeijer

Jubine is an experienced certified system horse coach.  The last year’s meditation and (yin) yoga have become important aspects in her life. She is also a practitioner of the practices of the awakening women. She continuously integrates newly discovered aspects of herself and life into her work with the horses, as she believes that personal growth and self understanding are the only way to be able to guide others in coaching sessions.  The mind is not the way; showing vulnerability and sharing personal experience can help others to a better self-understanding and to opening their hearts.



Janna de Vries

As a trainer/coach I help horse and human to become more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally and to get a better connection with each other and oneself.  I train horses and guide people in becoming more aware of their body and body language in being and working with the horse from the ground and in riding. 

When we are willing to work on ourselves a true unity between human and horse will emerge where not the goal but respect, trust, fun and togetherness are the most important values.

Jubine and Janna together founded Horse Medicine - training and coaching centre for human and horse.  They joint efforts in 2014 and created an intimate, private and beautiful situated coaching and training facility in the midst of typical Dutch scenery, named the 'polders', close to The Hague, Zoetermeer and Leiden.


Read more about Jubine and Janna HERE


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