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Changing Horses



Welcome to Changing Horses!

Welcome to "Changing Horses", a full length documentary, autobiographical book about the foundation of Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc., and global accompanying workshops!


The film explores the personal stories of how horses change people, so people can change the world.  Through interviewing prominent individuals, including Pat Parelli, Linda Kohanov,  Dain Heer, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and many others, we discuss some very complex issues regarding our human value systems, and how we can adjust our societal beliefs to ensure our survival as a species.


Through the teachings of horses, we will realize how much we have disconnected from our true nature, and that the things our society wants us believe, are nothing more than an illusion.

The workshops are structured to enhance and coincide with the experience of the film.  Not only will you be able to meet and work with the people and horses featured in the film, but you will come away from these experiential events with a full understanding, exploring your deepest feelings, and a passion to take these feelings with you! 


Thanks to everyone who attended our second 2-day coaching event of Changing Horses, held at Saffyre Sanctuary on February 27- February 28, 2016!


8 well known and respected facilitators featured in the film, will guide you along with the horses of Saffyre Sanctuary in a series of different workshop events.  Each of these facilitators are unique in their teachings and methodologies, unlike what you may have experienced at other workshops.


During this exciting event, we nearly completed the filming of our documentary (we have a few more interviews to do!) and those who participated became a huge part of the change!  Seeing the transformations first-hand was, and is, an incredible honor as the horses continue to support us on this journey!  Thank you for being there!

Changing Horses - The Film

Join us on this amazing journey of the horse consciousness, and stay tuned for sneak previews of some amazing interviews!

Changing Horses - The Workshops

 Each coaching demonstration allows you to actively participate in all the different workshops, so don't miss out on any of the unique offerings!